Pretty in Pink

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Matilda's Bowtique has some really cute hair accessories...Check them out!
Kaitlyn got a few, this one is my favorite.

Wordless Wednesday: Picture Perfect

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Some of my favorite books

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Around my house we are huge fans of reading, not only because of the importance of reading, but of the influence some story's have. Some of our favorite books are those with The Berenstain Bears, they talk about real life problems and situations and how to fix them.
Their books are a perfect way to teach kids how to deal with certain problems they might be facing.

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Colorful Little Monsters

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Since the birth of Kaitlyn we haven't had a whole lot of time for art projects, but I was recently going thru my Parents Magazine and found this really cool, easy, fun project. We did ours different than in the magazine and even my husband got in on the action.
Connor had so much fun painting, cutting and gluing. We also had all of the supplies on hand, which was great.

Here's a list of the main supplies:
*cardboard egg carton
*acrylic paints

and then any thing else you want, like googly eyes, glitter, cotton balls, etc.....
your kids will have fun letting their imagination come to life.

I love to do projects that are kid friendly!

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